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May the Gods Bless those that we love and curse those who disrespect them!

Where do we begin?

Ravin’ Babble-on has crossed the line, really crossed the line this time! She’s upset so many with her latest shenanigans she’s gone and got herself well and truly cursed! Not once but many many times, and not all are written – some have been conjured in private while the moon is the only witness to the deed.

She decided to attack the well known and respected author Boudica Foster yet again but what she didn’t realise was that she (Ravin’) was also attacking Ms Foster’s late husband, who just turns out to be a Nam Vet! This attack has shown her true colours yet again. Here we have a low-life not at all interested in anything but low life.

This is her attack; if you can make any sense of it, then you’re a better person than we! The incoherent ramble says more about Ravin’ and her rabble than anything we’ve yet to see!

And here is Ms Fosters reply:

May Jupiter set his stars indeed and bring down this vile person who hides behind the name of Lady Raven Avalon!

So it is our WILL, so motte it be!


And so it continues…

In the continuing saga of Siobhan Whelan and her many personalities and plagiarized books, we have some updates and interesting development for you.
First, the attack of the Librarian. Or the supposed attack…

Stalking has become the latest in the crimes that Siobhan Whelan/Rochelle Moore/Zara Alcott/Raven Avalonís (hereafter referred to as RA coz lets face it, it’s allot easier!) bag of tricks.

While she tries to label the folks who have called her accountable for her many books of plagiarized materials and copy/pasting from the internet, she has herself crossed a legal line by posting, under one of her sock account, the names and addresses of several well-known pagans.

What she doesnít realize is that most of that was public to begin with.

The balance of the information points in a very serious direction. It points to a former ‘friend’ (and I use that term loosely) of TGWs.

There was information that only this one person would have had access to. And while she may have had no issue or conscience in handing that information over to one of RA’s socks, we here at Gossip Witch have better manners than that.

But yes, your identity is known dear…

Just adding that on to the list of Bull Shit you have attempted to spread.

But thanks to connections on both Facebook and on Amazon, the offending material was quickly and quietly removed from the web.

It does not, however, remove the legal implication of what they have done. That story will materialize further and TGW will follow that story as well as it develops.

Further, it was noticed that once Facebook started to track down the illegal materials, RA quickly changed her webpage address. To this my Sister raised more than an eyebrow too…

Yes, you can do that!

She changed it from to .

Interesting, isn’t it…

Being as how the illegal material appeared on her two coven pages, her author page and on her Guidebook page, she frantically ran around changing page names in order to salvage her material. Too bad, it was caught and noted!

The attack continued on Amazon.

She posted most of it on her own book pages, and the same C&P crap at that!

Amazon was quickly notified and the material was removed. All praise to Amazon!

Later she posted it yet again on a well-known author’s page, who was also mentioned in the offending material, but we’ll not stir the pot there – this very nice person does not deserve any more shite coming their way!
What this very ill person doesnít realize is that many people know Boudica Foster’s real name, including many of the authors and artists in the pagan community. What they posted was nothing new lol. What was very ill mannered and borders on illegal was the actual posting of someone’s name and address without their permission on a public forum. Very bad show that and highly illegal!
Unfortunately, once Amazon started removing the offending comments, RA noticed and changed a couple of reviews on some of the well know pagan’s book. Crafty, but Amazon will have the original on their systems so….

The offending material is gone but instead is a nasty review.

It drips of hatred and oozes revenge.

But it’s not the first bad review she’s left for that particular author either!

People over look it, regardless of what her socks try to imply in the comments.
The other item of note is RA’s attack on a complete outsider to this.

There is an individual who has posted some not so attractive reviews of her books on Amazon. They use the name Bookworm. She launched an attack on an individual on Facebook who has a similar user name, but not the same. And this poor person has nothing at all to do with the Amazon reviews.

She is lashing out in desperation, folks.

Anyone she feels threatens her nice little con is a fair target. Just be warned….
And yes, this whole charade is nothing but a con job.

These people aren’t even pagan.

The whole RA persona is a group of people using the name and the material interchangeably. They post under sock names and under the RA name, and it is clearly visible in writing styles and spelling and word usage. The con artists are from the UK and the US. Suspected are family members and a few outsiders who are part and parcel to the con. Their goal? To sell copyrighted material under false names to an unsuspecting public.

They have tried this before in the Christian Community. They were run out of town on that.

They settled in the pagan community thinking we wouldnít notice.


We aren’t stupid. Just cause we are a blossoming community does not mean we overlook con artists and plagiarizers.
And to prove that a few additional notes.

First, Raven Avalon has created some new Facebook name pages and has begun the migration to a new persona. Yes, we have all the evidence we need to prove it.

The RA pages have been created and are waiting for the old pages to either be shut down by the con group, or by Facebook for Terms violations.

We have the URLs and we will post those at a future date.
They have also started name changing the books.

Yes, they are the same books, but the titles and authors name have been changed.

New name?

Chloe Milne.

New book title?

Well, there are several.

The Witches Book of Spells (btw, that name is copyrighted by someone else) is a slightly revised version of Guidebook for the new witch. Seems someone attempted to ‘edit’ it, but took heavily word for word in many places. A quick peek inside the ‘Look Inside’ feature settled that.

I am sure the other books she has – The Elements and the Weight Loss book and the Money book are the same as the RA 13 Spells books. Unfortunately the ‘Look Inside’ features do not allow more than a look at the opening of the books. But, after seeing this so many times, we can take an educated guess, right! 😉
There is more but we will wait till things develop further. For now – let them think what they want.

The lies just keep on comin’!

We three are up in arms about the lies Ravin Babble-on is still telling after being caught out for a multitude of copyright thefts in her books!

To say she tells blatant lies is a massive understatement!

Last night she posted this.



The website she lifted it from.




But Google also threw up this site ~ note the copyright notice if you will…




She has repeatedly lied.

We cannot stress this enough.

She lies.


To say we are disgusted is the understatement of the year… we are incensed!

She gives all us Witches a bad name.

This has gone beyond the realm of gossip ~ we encourage YOU to call her out!

“”13 Love Spells” Is A Ripoff”, says Mr Neal

We must put our hands together and loudly clap (minding our spindles) with the odd (very odd) woop and cheer on this darling man and his quest for the Truth:

The things people say!

We have been following developments over the last week or so as the amazingly talentless Lady Ravin Babble-on announced recently that our blog here had been removed; as we haven’t been anyware, we quickly caught on.

More lies from her lips… will she ever get a life?

No we don’t think so either.

The evidence:

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The attack (?) of the Bunnies.

Start quote -> Black Raven Coven Homepage shared a link.
FLUFFY BUNNY ALERT!!! would appear that our book is under attack by “flufy bunnies” thank you for sending this to us bb Lady Raven Avalon“Last edited by the author on Mar 4, 2012 4:16:17 AM PST
Hawksquill says:
I am an independent reviewer & your comment is defamatory and has been reported to amazon. Readers if you look at my original review it explains what a fluffy bunnie is and if the shoe fits-wear it!
“My review
“Fluffy bunny is a fake wiccan, usully in their teens, with little or no information about the religion. Tend too make noise about their path. It is used as a derogatory term for someone who is ignorant, wilfully ignorant and/or disrespectful towards Wicca yet claims to be Wicca.”Here is the link that I saw for myself and proved that you Lesley are a flufy bunny administrator with all the others mentioned in this childish anti-wiccan group. I am writing to amazon about this defamatory comment.
Proof of my statement:
The link to your group on FB – The Coven of the Fluffie Bunnies IV The Sparkilee Editun –

A fluffy bunnie is: “It is used as a derogatory term for someone who is ignorant, wilfully ignorant and/or disrespectful towards Wicca yet claims to be Wicca.”

Lesley Jackson Administrator
Boudica Foster Administrator
Diana Jones Administrator
Angel Pellegrin Administrator
Aelwyn Daeira Administrator
Shullie H Porter Administrator
& a few more “wilfully ignorant and/or disrespectful towards Wicca yet claims to be Wicca” members. When i looked into your fluffy bunnie group I saw you had a terrible stab at me for being fake which is exactly the opposite I am possibly one of the only real reviewers here!
This information may be of interest to witchy nexus and indeed amazon you are the epitomy of the meaning of fluffy bunnies for which most pagans have no respect; myself included. – Here you boost one of your own administrators books namely Boudica Foster 5 stars all the way this is unethical and against amazon’s policy for posting reviews.

If you had taken the time to look at my page you would have seen my website and not posted such blithering rubbish! I love this book and I do not respect fluffy bunnies especially those who post fake reviews so I did, follow other fans links wich has proven to me that you are fluffy bunnies who post fake reviews on each others books etc and all of you are listed in the link as administrators of a fluffy bunny group. No respect for any of you.”

We are aware that Shullie, Boudica, Lesley, Linus etc are constantly on their computers especially in amazon posting childish words such as “badly edited” and a lot worse however, dont take the bait as they are doing a fine job of making themselves look like “fluffy bunnies” and as Lesley Jackson backed this up herself leave them to it. What is very hard to understand is why another writer would spend her entire day posting “badly edited” etc??? Perhaps Boudica foster will give us an answer and not a fluffy bunnie one. Who knows stranger things have happened. The book is selling thank you for those buying it and coming to us asking relevant questions. 

Raven Avalon

“5 OUT OF 5 WANDS- Excellent book! The Holy…” a review of: GUIDEBOOK FOR THE NEW WITCH …
Hawksquill says: 5 OUT OF 5 WANDS- Excellent book! The Holy Grail for New Pagans with everything you need to know in this one reference book! “Everything you want to know about paganism/wicca in the one place at last!”, I read on another review of this book and that is exactly what…” <-end quote
Rather rich considering recent events dontcha think?
Mr Hawsquill turns out to be an old profile of Ms Whelans with just a name change – remember you need to give your financial details when you open an Amazon account and if you only have two ways of payment then you can only have two accounts and so on.Further more Mr Hawsquill gives a website, which when you go to it is a blog which has been closed down…
Recent chats with certain people have lead me to chase down a few things and it would seem that Ms Whelan has the habit of using  out of date products to recycle in her game of life – old blogs and websites which have have not been updated for a while (years) are utilised by her. Parts of them appear in her books, or names (yes Identities) are taken and used by her as fake accounts to make it seem as if she has a fan base.
People – it’s all just her!
She talks to herself!
How very very sad!
We The Gossip Witches DONOT feel one ounce of empathy for her… she deserves every thing she gets and no doubt will – sooner rather than later!

The Cole Debacle

Recent events with Raven Avalon makes us wonder just how much of her material is just a pile of lies.

Back in the end of December, RA started changing her name on her websites, and on her books.  The name Isadora (Raven Avalon) Cole started to appear everywhere.

There was a statement placed on her Facebook page as well, citing her supposed lineage.  Perhaps this was in response to the questions that were asked about her background by the Bustin’ Chops Blog, we really do not know.

We thought this rather curious, because the Coven Ouroborous et Ova, which is no longer in existence, was also the coven of Donna Cole Schultz.  How curious that her name would also take a change at this point to Cole as well.

We made some very discrete inquiries into her membership.  We received some very interesting replies.

As you can see, she got bolder.  Now she was claiming that Ms. Cole was her grandmother.  We looked further, and then sent out public inquiries late last month.

What alerted us to the possibility that she was bogus was the date of Ms. Cole-Schultz’ death. Ms. Schultz dies in 2004.  Obits are posted all over the web.

RA’s books appeared with her new name on them as well.  And then suddenly, the books were disappearing, and reappearing without the Cole name attached!



I found an obit on the web for Ms. Donna Cole-Schultz.

Schultz, Donna C.

April 01, 2004

Donna Cole Schultz, beloved wife of Robert Schultz; daughter of the late Sally and Arthur Weiss; mother of four cats. Donations can be made to any animal welfare organization. For information of memorial service call 773-525-9194 .

Pasted from <>

As you can see, the obit does not mention children, other than her cats.  Again, we are puzzled.



The material she posted with her Cole name started disappearing, going back to Raven Avalon.  BTW, if anyone knows where she snatched that little photo up there, do let us know.  I suspect it was scanned from a magazine, the moray pattern of the print ink shows badly.


She was not too coordinated in her attempt to backtrack her work.  The Facebook pages appeared to be a jumble of quick edits and changes to try to hide what she had done.


This scenario is reminiscent of the change over from the Rochelle Moore name to the Raven Avalon name.  She reused websites and photographs that were clearly used by Rochelle Moore, to the point where they could be backtracked to photographers releases for use.  And she has reused Rochelle Moores books and tried to pass them off as her own. See the Chops blog for that whole story. We have copies of both the Guidebook as well as the Magick for the New Witch & Wiccan which are pretty much the same book with very minor changes to the content.  Very minor.

Raven Avalon may have tried to cover this up once we started asking publically for verification of her claims.  But what she has done on all on her own is to prove that the claims were false, or else she still would have the Cole name attached to her work and her Facebook pages.  I believe she is attempting to cover up this whole affair because it is a major failure to try to establish credentials in the American Pagan Community.  I believe she has no credentials and her actions seem to reflect it.  We are awaiting verification from a credentialing service that has launched inquiries on our behalf to members of the community to validate the claims and we will post those findings when we have them.

And I have to ask a very interesting question… why is she using the American market to establish credentials for her British Coven?  As Bustin’ Chops has pointed out, she has no coven in Britain.   People who are well acquainted with the area she claims to be located in have never heard of her.  People have been asked, local known groups have been contacted, and no one has ever heard of her or her coven.  So, we have some very serious questions that have been asked again and again, and all they can come up with are lies and attempts to deceive the pagan community.

There is more.  Much more.  Stay tuned.  We are working on this even deeper.

OooH! Me back!

As promised, gas-mask donned, TGW has been digging in the shite this weekend – heh wana see what I dug up?

Lets take that Amazon reviewer Siobhan Whelan who goes by the name Lilane, for a start, the one who leaves loads of reviews and comments in favour of Lady Raven Avalon and Rochelle Moore, who, lets not forget, are supposed to be her (that’s Lilane) pen-names or puppet accounts.

She’s supposed to be a copyright thief, right? So lets get that spade to some of Liane’s Amazon reviews and see if what we’ve heard and read is right or not… it didn’t take long to come up with yet more shite and confirmation that this dude is just full of it!

We like Bucky’s Big Blue Book – we’ve had it a good few years now so when we saw ole Lilane had reviewed it of course we had to take a dig.. here’s what she says:

“4.0 out of 5 stars a great addition to a reading collection, September 18, 2010

Raymond Buckland and Llewellyn thought it important to market.While some of the basic premises of Craft practice and such are great, no book, no author, no magickal tool is ever going to take the place of actual hands on practice.

Buckland has done not so much  service to Wicca and the Craft as a viable religious system but rather caused far damage and discord within the Craft in the form of drama and flailing egos as a result of the book’s claims. 

There is good information on candle magick, magickal alphabets and books of shadows, ritual set up, etc. But of course none of this means anything if the reader does not actually get up and do the work. Reading this work is not going to be enough to make you a third degree anything.”

Remember, this person has a reputation for taking others words and using them as her own AND MAKING MONEY OUT OF IT… compare (I’ve made it easy for you) the above with this below – I’m off to rest my back in readiness for more digging :/

Customer Review

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
3.0 out of 5 stars Inflated Expectations, November 2, 2009
This review is from: Buckland’s Complete Book of Witchcraft (Llewellyn’s Practical Magick) (Paperback)

This book is rather (non)affectionately referred to as “Uncle Bucky’s Big Book O’ Wicca”. For whatever reason, Raymond Buckland and Llewellyn thought it important to market a book that infers that by reading it, yes, you, too can be a Third Degree in Wicca. This claim is pretty absurd – and I have experienced little ones (teenagers) coming up to me and claiming Third Degree credentials. A five minute conversation usually will uncover just how much the self-professed “Initiate” doesn’t know. Buckland has done not so much a service to Wicca and the Craft as a viable religious system but rather caused far damage and discord within the Craft in the form of drama and flailing egos as a result of the book’s claims.

While some of the basic premises of Craft practice and such are great, no book, no author, no magickal tool is ever going to take the place of actual hands on practice. As an herbalist who has spent a lifetime in the study, there is not enough information doeseages or caveats towards health or pre-existing conditions being given in this book for those would be Witches to just start playing around with herbs. For his I would thoroughly reommend the books of Matthew Wood, in particular “The Book of Herbal Wisdom” and also James Greene’s “The Medicine-Maker’s Handbook” and other authors such as Rosemary Gladstar and Susun Weed – who herself is a very accomplished and well published herbalist and Green Witch. There are much better magical treatises on herbs such as Paul V. Beyerl’s Master Book of Herbalism”, which so thorough that it makes Buckland’s little chapter look rather incomplete if not a little absurd. Herbal work really does require oversight by knowledgable teachers in order to avoid calamity, and they are out there. Buckland should have more strongly asserted this in the book. 

There is good information on candle magick, magickal alphabets and books of shadows, ritual set up, etc. But of course none of this means anything if the reader does not actually get up and do the work. Reading this work is not going to be enough to make you a third degree anything other than a fool for buying into the idea that “faith” of any kind without hard work is dead. I give this book three stars mainly because of the misrepresentation of both what it can achieve and how compleat the herbal knowledge consists of.

Crazy Asshat!


Well that was quick – no sooner than our posts were up and she goes and changed the goal posts, deleting the book and re-adding it again!

Left me speechless it did! :/

Not only that but she is continuing to bash the reviewers on yet another site and she’s nicked our name! :/

Guess it’s true what they’re saying… this crazy asshat doesn’t have an original idea about her!



“Oh what a tangled web we weave,
When first we practise to deceive!”

Sir Walter ScottMarmion, Canto vi. Stanza 17.
Scottish author & novelist (1771 – 1832)

It’s recently come to light that a certain somebody has been very active doing what she thinks she does best, over on Amazon… let me say this, she’s not so smart as she’d like to think she is!

She forgets that people notice little things; she forgets that it’s easy to find out the truth with just a little intelligence and a modicum of sense 🙂



Made me wonder this reply – made me wonder all the more when I saw the others – are some people really out to get this woman? so I went to the link   Lady Raven Avalon gave, here I found this (quoted in full):

I would like to follow up on yesterday’s posting in relation to :

A true concerted organised plot that emerges from prejuidce, intolerance and in some case hatred or jealousy has been felt by our spiritual family in BRC an d online in our group on Facebook . I feel that I must highlight the consequences when this form of attack is considered the norm to those behind it. Discrimination in any form is not right whether it be religious, gay issues, colour and ethnic minorities . Those who choose to look the other way while aware of a suitation are as much to blame as those actively involved in discrimination or harassment. Denial in any context of harassment or the inappropriate excuse of neutrality on the issues of attackers, bullies, prejudice and intolerance, is immoral. In the pagan community there are many great people with zero tolerance of the evils of prejudice and other forms of bigotry so whether it is, as in our particular case, an organised attack on our coven, my spiritual family and our books, we must highlight and reflect upon those behind it, their own reasons and no longer be prepared to do or say nothing.
So far, my family, spiritual family and our books are under constant attack (which we have notified amazon about)including fake reviews, horrible emails to my daughters and myself and members of our coven. Personally, I have received horrible emails from people I do not even know nor have I ever heard of; we are aware on the ongoing witch wars but we have always remained and steered clear of this nonsense.

Once again why and who is behind this? More importantly, I wish those who are behind it to question their own true reasons and why it is necessary to form a group or indeed a posse to harm others?
We wrote yesterday the following in relation to three fake reviews on about our book Guidebook for The New Witch along with several other forms of attack that have been ongoing for the past few months.


The sharing of negative evaluative information about any target is a way that protects the gossips/harassers “protects others from exploitative behviour” and by highlighting the “sharing of negative evalulate information about a target is a way to protect themselves from anti-social behaviour or indeed being a target themselves”
So, gossip/harassment/bullying is in fact “jealousy, protection of themselves for lacking the skills of the victim and through sharing and the co-operation of others within an attack shows an enjoyment of exploitation, a joy of sharing an anti-social secret group with ill intent and bonding with others with the same lack of confidence and lack of ability to create anything themselves” -JOURNAL OF PERSONALITY AND SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY 2010″

So our question is simply, who and why?
Isadora (Raven Avalon) Cole.

Now we don’t really give a rats arse about these people, but we can smell gossip a mile off and why would this person be so defensive about her coven book? What does she have to hide? Why doesn’t she like negative reviews? Surely a decent person would take them on the chin, and see them as a form of improvement – but she seems so rude… and then I found this:INCUBUS SUCCUBUS!?!?!?!?Isn’t that a rock group? The hounds were let loose at this point!I do know that this Lady Raven Avalon is thought to be Rochelle Moore, a pen name of a Siobhan Whelan. This Lilane has written reviews for both; the hounds began to howl… was I getting near? You bet I was ! And like all good hounds they flushed out the prey – nice doggies, have some numnums 🙂

The latest in Author Etiquette – if You don’t like the reviews, bash the reviewers!

Over the past year or so we have been entertained by a certain witch author.  Most of the history is available on the Official Chops Blog.  The material for her books is taken from other copyrighted authors books and from websites all over the web.  It is well documented on Chops. No, we don’t make things up – we don’t have to.  All the evidence stands.

What is interesting is she has now taken to bashing reviewers.  She uses the comments area for each of the reviewers to bash these reviewers in public.  Talk about looking desperate.  After all, it is the reviewers who sussed out her latest book as being a remake of her older and still plagiarized material.  She does claim she has “updated” the volume, however inspection of the available “Look Inside” feature shows that while the book may be formatted a bit better than the last volume, all that appears to be changed are the credits to this woman.  To quote one of the reviewers:

“…the introductions are exactly the same… except for some formatting. Oh, wait, it says in the first book, issued in 2011 – “It has evolved over thirty five years of experience of practical Magick which is primarily based on first hand experience.” The new version says “It has evolved over fifty years of experience of practical Magick which is primarily based on first hand experience.” You got fifteen more years of experience since last year? Now that’s magick!”

The reviewer admits that she has the first book.  However, she has only compared the content of the first book to the material available in the “Look Inside” feature of the second book.  To her credit, she only comments on what she can see.  Quite frankly, I don’t blame her.  I would not want to be accused of purchasing a book that contains mostly stolen copyrighted material from other authors.

The second reviewer took some heat as well.  After a very distasteful comment from the author, the reviewer writes some passages from the book, along with citing the sources – a book by Eileen Holland, a Llewellyn publication that is still under copyright.

The author replies:

“sites included and cited during a new witches journey incude The Wicca Handbook by Eileen Holland, Aleister Crowley: Wicca for the Rest of Us, Aleister Crowley The Book of the Law.
13 Goals of a Witch by Scott Cunningham, Wicca for the Solitary Practitioner by Scott Cunningham
“The Inner Temple of Witchcraft” by Christopher Penczac, The 13 Wiccan Principles Council of American Witches, in April and several other recognised witches”

Please pardon the spelling issues and formatting.  That is copied and pasted directly from the woman’s public comment.  Yes, I can quote public content without copyright issues, as it is “public” and she is a “well known” author.

The fact that the author has copied entire paragraphs, and/or complete works of these authors, all of which are still under copyright by said authors and/or publishers, does not seem to sink into her head.  According to American Copyright laws, you need permissions from the publisher to include actual material from said works.  And knowing the Llewellyn Publisher and their recent work on behalf of some of their authors regarding a website offering their books as give aways, I am sure the permissions for the material in question has not been asked for, nor given.

 Click on the image to enlarge it.

By the way, I have to say, I feel sorry for her proofreader.  If this is how this author writes, her proofreader must have a really tough job.

And on the other hand, apparently she is splitting copyright hairs by calling her book a “guidebook” now, so she can get around the copyright violations.  Interesting; did her solicitor advise her to do this?

She has a string of reviews that point out her book as being less than spectacular.  These reviewers point out pretty much the same thing.  It is a rehash of her other book, seems she has yet again changed her name, and the title and the cover.  I say yet again, because it seems this book, and the author, have gone through some interesting name changes and titles over the past couple of years.  But that is another blog posting, most of which can be found on the Official Chops Blog.  But, to keep your attention – look for another post to our blog here to see who is really who – certain evidence has come to the surface – stay tuned!

But back to the reviewers.  Reading the postings by the author, she seems to be throwing out whatever she can to cover her arse.  She accuses the reviewers of all being the same person!  Well, interesting, because a second poster appears in the comments.  And what she says is even more interesting.

Remember this name:  Lillane “Devlin” – it becomes very clear shortly who this person is.  But that is not my story.  What is interesting is what she says.  The first reviewer posts the following:

“You seem to be fond of taking reviews from the Irish Times and using them to promote your own work. I know they are going to be rather upset at that. After all, their reviews are copyrighted as well. Yes, we found the book review you cut and pasted from for the review on your book. Sad, you can’t even write your own reviews.”

And Ms. Lillane replies:

“Yes chops is guilty of putting up a fake review only to even the balance”

If our readers look back a few weeks earlier, there was a “fake chops” page on WordPress, in which people were insulted, harassed and slandered.  WordPress finally took the pages down.  This is evident by the post given by Ms. Lillane with links to a page that WordPress posted stating that said blog was removed for violations of WordPress terms and service.  Talk about self-incrimination.  Is this woman, then, the author of the fake chops page that was so poorly constructed and that butchered the English language?  And is she also the author of the fake reviews for this author’s book?  One would think that comment suggests such!  Looking at the use of grammar and spelling, if you had been unfortunate enough to read the fake chops blog before it was removed; it is not hard to believe that these two people are one in the same!

Tisk, tisk – what has this generation come to, poor English, bad grammar, appalling spelling and ramble on sentences.

But, I digress.  Take a look for yourself, all the wonderful comments that are still left on the book site.  The author did go through this morning and take down many of her raw comments.  Rather smart of her, as her comments were less than stellar.  But more of the same still remains.  She bashes and bashes each of the reviewers, in a less than ladylike manner and, considering her name, only shows how unladylike she is.  And, to be sure, she is not what I would call a “classic example” of an author, or a so called High Priestess of a coven.  Interestingly enough, one of the reviewers mentions that as well.  Where is her coven again?  Seems no one in that area has ever heard of her or her coven.  Well, the answer to that is coming up as well.  Much more has been discovered – so stay tuned!  – Clotho

Dig dig digging!

TGW has some hot gossip for you this weekend!

It’s so good that she can’t keep it to herself!

I don’t want to spoil it but I do want to grab your interest!

Lets say that TGW has come across something that is so crazy that we just have to share 😉

TGW and a few others have been real busy like over the last few evenings following a crazy asshat’s trail and finally nailed the coffin lid shut and the hammer is about to fall!

Remember the 60’s?

Ah…. (puts rose tinted glasses on) the heady halcyon days of the 60’s, when flowers were worn in your hair (and someone sang about them) and the net was something your Granny wore to bed to keep the curlers in her hair!

Peace ‘n’ Love Mann… you get the pic?

So imagine TGW, suitably nostalgic, surfing thro’ Facebook and finding an old picture of a family on a camping trip – sweet memories came flooding back of long hair, wide pants, love beads, gypsy tops, the scent of patchouli oil… (always too much patchouli every where) …Joss-sticks and something the young GW didn’t yet know about, but it smelt good!


But wait… something’s not quite right here… leggin’s???? O.o

The happy memories went right out of the window as the suspicions revved up!

TGW went and dug a bit into the heap that this so called Lady has created around her fake persona – oh yes well fake and busted as many times as she’s made names up to sell her plagiarised books to the Fluffy Bunny brigade!

So, here we have a nice family picture, out on a camping trip do we?

Or is it a fashion shoot for a well known fashion house? (click through the link, scroll back and you’ll see more 60’s inspired photo’s)



A vain attempt to do what?



Create a stink?

How stupid?

See that bit of writing under the pic? The bit that say’s “Copyright 2010 by Heyoka Leather.“? That means they own the picture; they paid the models and dressed them; they paid the make-up artists that made them look good; they paid the photographer to take the pic; to dress the scene and direct the models.


I’ve heard rumours about this one being far from the pagan leader of a coven that doesn’t exist; I’ve heard she’s actually Christian, Catholic in fact! But these are just rumours; the truth as they say, is probably far stranger than fiction – oh! Wait… SHE IS FICTION!

Don’t fall for the lies people!

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