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Crazy Asshat!


Well that was quick – no sooner than our posts were up and she goes and changed the goal posts, deleting the book and re-adding it again!

Left me speechless it did! :/

Not only that but she is continuing to bash the reviewers on yet another site and she’s nicked our name! :/

Guess it’s true what they’re saying… this crazy asshat doesn’t have an original idea about her!



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2 thoughts on “Crazy Asshat!

  1. myjadedwords on said:

    Correct me if I’m wrong….doesn’t there have to be a volume ONE first to be a volume TWO? Oh wait that must be the crap book FAIL MAGICK FOR THE NEW WITCH & WICCAN by Lady Raven Avalon (ASIN: B0051ZG2Q0) she’d referring to!

    Oh snap! Yes I went there.

  2. The WHOLE thing smacks of crazies O.o

    Smells too…

    Must get out the gas-mask and dig some more!


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