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The attack (?) of the Bunnies.

Start quote -> Black Raven Coven Homepage shared a link.
FLUFFY BUNNY ALERT!!! would appear that our book is under attack by “flufy bunnies” thank you for sending this to us bb Lady Raven Avalon“Last edited by the author on Mar 4, 2012 4:16:17 AM PST
Hawksquill says:
I am an independent reviewer & your comment is defamatory and has been reported to amazon. Readers if you look at my original review it explains what a fluffy bunnie is and if the shoe fits-wear it!
“My review
“Fluffy bunny is a fake wiccan, usully in their teens, with little or no information about the religion. Tend too make noise about their path. It is used as a derogatory term for someone who is ignorant, wilfully ignorant and/or disrespectful towards Wicca yet claims to be Wicca.”Here is the link that I saw for myself and proved that you Lesley are a flufy bunny administrator with all the others mentioned in this childish anti-wiccan group. I am writing to amazon about this defamatory comment.
Proof of my statement:
The link to your group on FB – The Coven of the Fluffie Bunnies IV The Sparkilee Editun –

A fluffy bunnie is: “It is used as a derogatory term for someone who is ignorant, wilfully ignorant and/or disrespectful towards Wicca yet claims to be Wicca.”

Lesley Jackson Administrator
Boudica Foster Administrator
Diana Jones Administrator
Angel Pellegrin Administrator
Aelwyn Daeira Administrator
Shullie H Porter Administrator
& a few more “wilfully ignorant and/or disrespectful towards Wicca yet claims to be Wicca” members. When i looked into your fluffy bunnie group I saw you had a terrible stab at me for being fake which is exactly the opposite I am possibly one of the only real reviewers here!
This information may be of interest to witchy nexus and indeed amazon you are the epitomy of the meaning of fluffy bunnies for which most pagans have no respect; myself included. – Here you boost one of your own administrators books namely Boudica Foster 5 stars all the way this is unethical and against amazon’s policy for posting reviews.

If you had taken the time to look at my page you would have seen my website and not posted such blithering rubbish! I love this book and I do not respect fluffy bunnies especially those who post fake reviews so I did, follow other fans links wich has proven to me that you are fluffy bunnies who post fake reviews on each others books etc and all of you are listed in the link as administrators of a fluffy bunny group. No respect for any of you.”

We are aware that Shullie, Boudica, Lesley, Linus etc are constantly on their computers especially in amazon posting childish words such as “badly edited” and a lot worse however, dont take the bait as they are doing a fine job of making themselves look like “fluffy bunnies” and as Lesley Jackson backed this up herself leave them to it. What is very hard to understand is why another writer would spend her entire day posting “badly edited” etc??? Perhaps Boudica foster will give us an answer and not a fluffy bunnie one. Who knows stranger things have happened. The book is selling thank you for those buying it and coming to us asking relevant questions. 

Raven Avalon

“5 OUT OF 5 WANDS- Excellent book! The Holy…” a review of: GUIDEBOOK FOR THE NEW WITCH …
Hawksquill says: 5 OUT OF 5 WANDS- Excellent book! The Holy Grail for New Pagans with everything you need to know in this one reference book! “Everything you want to know about paganism/wicca in the one place at last!”, I read on another review of this book and that is exactly what…” <-end quote
Rather rich considering recent events dontcha think?
Mr Hawsquill turns out to be an old profile of Ms Whelans with just a name change – remember you need to give your financial details when you open an Amazon account and if you only have two ways of payment then you can only have two accounts and so on.Further more Mr Hawsquill gives a website, which when you go to it is a blog which has been closed down…
Recent chats with certain people have lead me to chase down a few things and it would seem that Ms Whelan has the habit of using  out of date products to recycle in her game of life – old blogs and websites which have have not been updated for a while (years) are utilised by her. Parts of them appear in her books, or names (yes Identities) are taken and used by her as fake accounts to make it seem as if she has a fan base.
People – it’s all just her!
She talks to herself!
How very very sad!
We The Gossip Witches DONOT feel one ounce of empathy for her… she deserves every thing she gets and no doubt will – sooner rather than later!

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4 thoughts on “The attack (?) of the Bunnies.

  1. I said this before in another group and I will repeat myself here:

    Oh you very stupid stupid woman. I am not a “fake wiccan” nor am I disrespectful to wicca. I have studied it for many years with REAL wiccans. I have the utmost respect for it and for true, non-fluffy, non- plagiarising wanna be armchair wiccans.

    You see Raven Avalon, or whatever you are calling yourself this week, you very stupid woman, I am not WICCAN at all. So before you get your fake ass knickers in a bunch, check your facts and actually accuse me of something that I really am m’okay? (which is outraged at plagiarist thieves like you)

    I’d also like to add that all these “attacks by bunnies” are solely a product of her rum soaked mind, and in fact, if anyone is under attack here at all, it’s those of us who have brought her plagiarism to light and have been labeled as “fluffy bunnies” by herself.

    She steals from pagan discussion groups, pagan websites, and pagan authors because she can’t write any of her own material. Why? BECAUSE SHE ISN’T PAGAN, OR A WITCH, OR A WICCAN OR ANYTHING OTHER THEN A SAD AND PATHETIC CON ARTIST. You read right, I went there. I’d like to see hardcore proof otherwise but none will be forthcoming.

    And you can quote me on that, just make sure you get the quote correct please. XD

  2. Boudica on said:

    You know, if it wasn’t that someone pointed this out to me, I probably would never have gone back to see the crap on her wall. For crying out loud, you would think from her ramblings that all I do is harass this woman. Please, I got a real life and better things to do with my time. And it is not chasing after a two bit hack author and her copy/paste plagiarized work.

    I had a discussion back a few weeks ago with Amazon about my review on her page, and I decided to take my reviews down, because I felt it was interfering with my own work – this woman is a nut case who is stalking me and some of my friends. You can see that in the sock reviews she has posted to my books. Amazon also removed some of the more slanderous comments on my books. She babbles on incessantly about who is persecuting her – she is a paranoid, obviously inebriated sad case of an author who copy/pasted all her work and now feels someone owes her a living.

    I have not seen anything about this of late and will continue to ignore this stupid woman and her crap. As I said, I have better things to do with my time, like actually doing some serious writing and living a life outside the web.

  3. Hello, yeah that is my website (it used to be I have contacted Amazon in regards to this and posted on my website to clear up any potential issues that could arise from this. Thank you for publishing this post.

  4. Hi Liam – nice to hear from you and while we’re sorry you’re dragged into all this mess, we are very pleased to see you!

    Some people stoop really low to get what they want! 😦

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