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And so it continues…

In the continuing saga of Siobhan Whelan and her many personalities and plagiarized books, we have some updates and interesting development for you.
First, the attack of the Librarian. Or the supposed attack…

Stalking has become the latest in the crimes that Siobhan Whelan/Rochelle Moore/Zara Alcott/Raven Avalonís (hereafter referred to as RA coz lets face it, it’s allot easier!) bag of tricks.

While she tries to label the folks who have called her accountable for her many books of plagiarized materials and copy/pasting from the internet, she has herself crossed a legal line by posting, under one of her sock account, the names and addresses of several well-known pagans.

What she doesnít realize is that most of that was public to begin with.

The balance of the information points in a very serious direction. It points to a former ‘friend’ (and I use that term loosely) of TGWs.

There was information that only this one person would have had access to. And while she may have had no issue or conscience in handing that information over to one of RA’s socks, we here at Gossip Witch have better manners than that.

But yes, your identity is known dear…

Just adding that on to the list of Bull Shit you have attempted to spread.

But thanks to connections on both Facebook and on Amazon, the offending material was quickly and quietly removed from the web.

It does not, however, remove the legal implication of what they have done. That story will materialize further and TGW will follow that story as well as it develops.

Further, it was noticed that once Facebook started to track down the illegal materials, RA quickly changed her webpage address. To this my Sister raised more than an eyebrow too…

Yes, you can do that!

She changed it from to .

Interesting, isn’t it…

Being as how the illegal material appeared on her two coven pages, her author page and on her Guidebook page, she frantically ran around changing page names in order to salvage her material. Too bad, it was caught and noted!

The attack continued on Amazon.

She posted most of it on her own book pages, and the same C&P crap at that!

Amazon was quickly notified and the material was removed. All praise to Amazon!

Later she posted it yet again on a well-known author’s page, who was also mentioned in the offending material, but we’ll not stir the pot there – this very nice person does not deserve any more shite coming their way!
What this very ill person doesnít realize is that many people know Boudica Foster’s real name, including many of the authors and artists in the pagan community. What they posted was nothing new lol. What was very ill mannered and borders on illegal was the actual posting of someone’s name and address without their permission on a public forum. Very bad show that and highly illegal!
Unfortunately, once Amazon started removing the offending comments, RA noticed and changed a couple of reviews on some of the well know pagan’s book. Crafty, but Amazon will have the original on their systems so….

The offending material is gone but instead is a nasty review.

It drips of hatred and oozes revenge.

But it’s not the first bad review she’s left for that particular author either!

People over look it, regardless of what her socks try to imply in the comments.
The other item of note is RA’s attack on a complete outsider to this.

There is an individual who has posted some not so attractive reviews of her books on Amazon. They use the name Bookworm. She launched an attack on an individual on Facebook who has a similar user name, but not the same. And this poor person has nothing at all to do with the Amazon reviews.

She is lashing out in desperation, folks.

Anyone she feels threatens her nice little con is a fair target. Just be warned….
And yes, this whole charade is nothing but a con job.

These people aren’t even pagan.

The whole RA persona is a group of people using the name and the material interchangeably. They post under sock names and under the RA name, and it is clearly visible in writing styles and spelling and word usage. The con artists are from the UK and the US. Suspected are family members and a few outsiders who are part and parcel to the con. Their goal? To sell copyrighted material under false names to an unsuspecting public.

They have tried this before in the Christian Community. They were run out of town on that.

They settled in the pagan community thinking we wouldnít notice.


We aren’t stupid. Just cause we are a blossoming community does not mean we overlook con artists and plagiarizers.
And to prove that a few additional notes.

First, Raven Avalon has created some new Facebook name pages and has begun the migration to a new persona. Yes, we have all the evidence we need to prove it.

The RA pages have been created and are waiting for the old pages to either be shut down by the con group, or by Facebook for Terms violations.

We have the URLs and we will post those at a future date.
They have also started name changing the books.

Yes, they are the same books, but the titles and authors name have been changed.

New name?

Chloe Milne.

New book title?

Well, there are several.

The Witches Book of Spells (btw, that name is copyrighted by someone else) is a slightly revised version of Guidebook for the new witch. Seems someone attempted to ‘edit’ it, but took heavily word for word in many places. A quick peek inside the ‘Look Inside’ feature settled that.

I am sure the other books she has – The Elements and the Weight Loss book and the Money book are the same as the RA 13 Spells books. Unfortunately the ‘Look Inside’ features do not allow more than a look at the opening of the books. But, after seeing this so many times, we can take an educated guess, right! 😉
There is more but we will wait till things develop further. For now – let them think what they want.


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