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May the Gods Bless those that we love and curse those who disrespect them!

Where do we begin?

Ravin’ Babble-on has crossed the line, really crossed the line this time! She’s upset so many with her latest shenanigans she’s gone and got herself well and truly cursed! Not once but many many times, and not all are written – some have been conjured in private while the moon is the only witness to the deed.

She decided to attack the well known and respected author Boudica Foster yet again but what she didn’t realise was that she (Ravin’) was also attacking Ms Foster’s late husband, who just turns out to be a Nam Vet! This attack has shown her true colours yet again. Here we have a low-life not at all interested in anything but low life.

This is her attack; if you can make any sense of it, then you’re a better person than we! The incoherent ramble says more about Ravin’ and her rabble than anything we’ve yet to see!

And here is Ms Fosters reply:

May Jupiter set his stars indeed and bring down this vile person who hides behind the name of Lady Raven Avalon!

So it is our WILL, so motte it be!


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3 thoughts on “May the Gods Bless those that we love and curse those who disrespect them!

  1. What a fucking asshat! Now, I have to ask, isn’t this like a reportable offense on FB since she’s giving out peoples legal names and other private information? Especially if her people are just as insane as she is? Wouldn’t it become a safety issue?

  2. Lady Raven Avalon,
    You research techniques are rudimentary at best. Your attack on Ms. Foster shows incomplete data and the fact that you are trying to build up your credit by tearing down another’s. Having know Ms. Foster for a great many years, I find her research to be well based. As Ms. Foster is a well respected author and critic of Wiccan works, I wish to confront you on why an individual such as yourself would post such incomplete information about her without getting all your facts right. My personal opinion about that at this time is you wish only to sully her name.

    The fact that Ms. Foster had to post a picture of her husband’s grave marker to help correct your rather poor data collection is proof that you have no idea what you are doing. Allow me to also add that if your facts on this matter are questionable, then it is safe to conclude that any other research you have done is also flawed. The title “Lady” that you apply to your name, after the rather poor attempt at “mud slinging” (for lack of a better term), is self appointed.

    Allow me to assist you in your research techniques by passing this on to you….
    Having the ability to be disciplined enough to take the responsibility, not only for my actions, or lack thereof, but of communicating openly and honestly with others. Living with honor and integrity while treating others with the dignity and respect they deserve. Loyalty above all except honor.

    I wouldn’t expect such a egocentrical, self important individual such as yourself to understand that, but I’m thinking you are doing this kind of thing to attempt to keep yourself “relevant” in the Wiccan community.

    Better Luck Next Time,
    Baneorn Spiritwalker

  3. I would really love to get in contact with you about Siobhan/Rochelle/Lady Raven because…SHES BACK!!!! Ony this time shes passing herself off as a psychic medium

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