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Remember the 60’s?

Ah…. (puts rose tinted glasses on) the heady halcyon days of the 60’s, when flowers were worn in your hair (and someone sang about them) and the net was something your Granny wore to bed to keep the curlers in her hair!

Peace ‘n’ Love Mann… you get the pic?

So imagine TGW, suitably nostalgic, surfing thro’ Facebook and finding an old picture of a family on a camping trip – sweet memories came flooding back of long hair, wide pants, love beads, gypsy tops, the scent of patchouli oil… (always too much patchouli every where) …Joss-sticks and something the young GW didn’t yet know about, but it smelt good!


But wait… something’s not quite right here… leggin’s???? O.o

The happy memories went right out of the window as the suspicions revved up!

TGW went and dug a bit into the heap that this so called Lady has created around her fake persona – oh yes well fake and busted as many times as she’s made names up to sell her plagiarised books to the Fluffy Bunny brigade!

So, here we have a nice family picture, out on a camping trip do we?

Or is it a fashion shoot for a well known fashion house? (click through the link, scroll back and you’ll see more 60’s inspired photo’s)



A vain attempt to do what?



Create a stink?

How stupid?

See that bit of writing under the pic? The bit that say’s “Copyright 2010 by Heyoka Leather.“? That means they own the picture; they paid the models and dressed them; they paid the make-up artists that made them look good; they paid the photographer to take the pic; to dress the scene and direct the models.


I’ve heard rumours about this one being far from the pagan leader of a coven that doesn’t exist; I’ve heard she’s actually Christian, Catholic in fact! But these are just rumours; the truth as they say, is probably far stranger than fiction – oh! Wait… SHE IS FICTION!

Don’t fall for the lies people!


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