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The Cole Debacle

Recent events with Raven Avalon makes us wonder just how much of her material is just a pile of lies.

Back in the end of December, RA started changing her name on her websites, and on her books.  The name Isadora (Raven Avalon) Cole started to appear everywhere.

There was a statement placed on her Facebook page as well, citing her supposed lineage.  Perhaps this was in response to the questions that were asked about her background by the Bustin’ Chops Blog, we really do not know.

We thought this rather curious, because the Coven Ouroborous et Ova, which is no longer in existence, was also the coven of Donna Cole Schultz.  How curious that her name would also take a change at this point to Cole as well.

We made some very discrete inquiries into her membership.  We received some very interesting replies.

As you can see, she got bolder.  Now she was claiming that Ms. Cole was her grandmother.  We looked further, and then sent out public inquiries late last month.

What alerted us to the possibility that she was bogus was the date of Ms. Cole-Schultz’ death. Ms. Schultz dies in 2004.  Obits are posted all over the web.

RA’s books appeared with her new name on them as well.  And then suddenly, the books were disappearing, and reappearing without the Cole name attached!



I found an obit on the web for Ms. Donna Cole-Schultz.

Schultz, Donna C.

April 01, 2004

Donna Cole Schultz, beloved wife of Robert Schultz; daughter of the late Sally and Arthur Weiss; mother of four cats. Donations can be made to any animal welfare organization. For information of memorial service call 773-525-9194 .

Pasted from <>

As you can see, the obit does not mention children, other than her cats.  Again, we are puzzled.



The material she posted with her Cole name started disappearing, going back to Raven Avalon.  BTW, if anyone knows where she snatched that little photo up there, do let us know.  I suspect it was scanned from a magazine, the moray pattern of the print ink shows badly.


She was not too coordinated in her attempt to backtrack her work.  The Facebook pages appeared to be a jumble of quick edits and changes to try to hide what she had done.


This scenario is reminiscent of the change over from the Rochelle Moore name to the Raven Avalon name.  She reused websites and photographs that were clearly used by Rochelle Moore, to the point where they could be backtracked to photographers releases for use.  And she has reused Rochelle Moores books and tried to pass them off as her own. See the Chops blog for that whole story. We have copies of both the Guidebook as well as the Magick for the New Witch & Wiccan which are pretty much the same book with very minor changes to the content.  Very minor.

Raven Avalon may have tried to cover this up once we started asking publically for verification of her claims.  But what she has done on all on her own is to prove that the claims were false, or else she still would have the Cole name attached to her work and her Facebook pages.  I believe she is attempting to cover up this whole affair because it is a major failure to try to establish credentials in the American Pagan Community.  I believe she has no credentials and her actions seem to reflect it.  We are awaiting verification from a credentialing service that has launched inquiries on our behalf to members of the community to validate the claims and we will post those findings when we have them.

And I have to ask a very interesting question… why is she using the American market to establish credentials for her British Coven?  As Bustin’ Chops has pointed out, she has no coven in Britain.   People who are well acquainted with the area she claims to be located in have never heard of her.  People have been asked, local known groups have been contacted, and no one has ever heard of her or her coven.  So, we have some very serious questions that have been asked again and again, and all they can come up with are lies and attempts to deceive the pagan community.

There is more.  Much more.  Stay tuned.  We are working on this even deeper.


Remember the 60’s?

Ah…. (puts rose tinted glasses on) the heady halcyon days of the 60’s, when flowers were worn in your hair (and someone sang about them) and the net was something your Granny wore to bed to keep the curlers in her hair!

Peace ‘n’ Love Mann… you get the pic?

So imagine TGW, suitably nostalgic, surfing thro’ Facebook and finding an old picture of a family on a camping trip – sweet memories came flooding back of long hair, wide pants, love beads, gypsy tops, the scent of patchouli oil… (always too much patchouli every where) …Joss-sticks and something the young GW didn’t yet know about, but it smelt good!


But wait… something’s not quite right here… leggin’s???? O.o

The happy memories went right out of the window as the suspicions revved up!

TGW went and dug a bit into the heap that this so called Lady has created around her fake persona – oh yes well fake and busted as many times as she’s made names up to sell her plagiarised books to the Fluffy Bunny brigade!

So, here we have a nice family picture, out on a camping trip do we?

Or is it a fashion shoot for a well known fashion house? (click through the link, scroll back and you’ll see more 60’s inspired photo’s)



A vain attempt to do what?



Create a stink?

How stupid?

See that bit of writing under the pic? The bit that say’s “Copyright 2010 by Heyoka Leather.“? That means they own the picture; they paid the models and dressed them; they paid the make-up artists that made them look good; they paid the photographer to take the pic; to dress the scene and direct the models.


I’ve heard rumours about this one being far from the pagan leader of a coven that doesn’t exist; I’ve heard she’s actually Christian, Catholic in fact! But these are just rumours; the truth as they say, is probably far stranger than fiction – oh! Wait… SHE IS FICTION!

Don’t fall for the lies people!

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